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Detailed information can be found in "Maps and Directions" webpage of the Okinawa Convention Center. This page summarizes the points.

Access to Okinawa Convention Center

*Detailed information can be found in "Maps and Directions" webpage of the OCC.

The Okinawa Convention Center (OCC) is located in the seaside area, Ginowan city, on the west coast of the central Okinawa island.

Conference Bus Service

(Nov. 24. updated) The organizing committee arranges two shuttle buses in every morning from Nov. 28 to 30.The buses will depart from Kencho-kitaguchi and arrive at Okinawa Convention Center (OCC) via Omoromachi according to the following timetable.

Humanoids2022: Shuttle Buses

Note that no shuttle bus is arranged in the evening due to the current situation in Okinawa.

See the maps below for the locations of the bus stops Kencho-kitaguchi and Omoromachi. Volunteer students will guide you to the bus stops.




Buses are the most convenient public transportation system in Okinawa. The websites and may be useful to take buses in Okinawa.

From Naha airport, there are some routes to go to OCC by bus. Both lines No. 26 and 99 take about 60 minutes and 580 JPY from the airport to the "Convention Center-mae" bus stop through Naha bus terminal. There is a Limousine Bus service which takes about 50 minutes and 610 JPY from the No. 12 bus stop at the airport to Raguna Garden Hotel, a 10 minutes walk to OCC. Please refer to Okinawa bus Ltd. for more detailed information.

From Naha area, lines No. 26, 32, 43, 55, 112 and 99 go from Naha bus terminal to "Convension Center-mae" bus stop for 540 JPY. They take about 40 minutes (No. 26, 32, 43 and 55), 50 minutes (No. 112), and 60 minutes (No. 99).

From Chatan area, both lines No. 43 and 112 take about 15 minutes and 350 JPY from "Mihama American Village-iriguchi" to "Convension Center-mae".


It takes about 40 minutes and 3,500 JPY by taxi from Naha airport to OCC, and about 15 minutes and 1,500 JPY from the Chatan area.

Access to Naha airport

Domestic airlines

There are many airlines from major international airports in Japan to Naha airport. For example, two or more lines operate flights from Haneda airport (HND) every hour in the daytime, 11 lines a day from Chubu Centrair International Airport (NGO), and 6 lines a day from Kansai International Airport (KIX).

International airlines

Okinawa has direct flights from 15 foreign cities in Asia.


Okinawa is the only tropical region in Japan. The mean temperature in the end of November in Okinawa Island is around 20 deg C (see Climate of Okinawa distinct by Japan Meteorological Agency).

Fast Track

For all people entering/returning to Japan, the “Fast Track” has been available on "Visit Japan Web" (a web service provided by Japanese government) since November 1st, 2022. It is a service for smooth Quarantine, Immigration, and Customs declaration procedures by just showing QR code on screen. Please refer COVID-19 & Health.