Call for Papers, Workshops & Tutorials

Photo © Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

Hard experiences including large-scale disasters, racial clashes and the pandemic have forced us to think about humanity. It means compassion for others, which leads to activities to make the world comfortable for anyone. We wish that the humanoid robots will be artifacts that do not only resemble humans but embody the humanity. The questions for us to consider are what functionalities and capabilities should be delivered through them for the humanity with what criteria the body, the information processing, and the behavior of them should be designed based on. The conference would like to provide the place for discussions about technologies that realize the first humanoid robots going into our world, which is backed up by the gradually lowered social barrier against them.

The conference invites paper contributions and workshop/tutorial proposals, which are expected to be related with but not limited to:

  • Materials, devices, and mechanisms for humanoids

  • Hardware design criteria for anthropomorphism

  • Theory and computation techniques of kinematics and dynamics

  • Whole-body control for locomotion and manipulation

  • Sensing, perception, and cognition of body and world

  • Theory and computation techniques for adaptation and learning

  • Informatics and architecture for behavior planning and synthesis

  • Teleoperation and telepresence using humanoids

  • Measuring, modeling and simulating humans

  • Human science through humanoid robots

  • Interfaces between humanoid robots and humans

  • Cyborgs, prostheses, and assistive devices for humans

  • Application case studies of humanoid robots in society

Accepted papers will be presented either at a single track oral session or during poster sessions. All the accepted papers will appear in the proceedings of the conference without distinction and on IEEE Xplore.