Joint Workshop

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* No need to register to attend the workshop (talks at Auditorium).

* Need to register to join the post-workshop lab-tour. Closed on Nov. 23

* Bring your lunch, or buy a ticket for a lunch box below. Closed on Nov. 23


OIST, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, is located in Onna village, up north on Route 58 from the conference venue, the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan. The university opened in 2012 as an international graduate university with a five-year doctoral program. With an emphasis on cross-disciplinary education and research, there are no departments and 89 research units (laboratories) cover overlapping research fields, including physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience and robotics. It has a unique education system for interdisciplinary study and was ranked 9th in Nature Index for the proportion of high-quality papers.

We, the 2022 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, would like to take this opportunity to organize a joint workshop with this truly interdisciplinary institute. Humanoid robot research is also basically an interdisciplinary research field. Therefore, communications between OIST and our community will be very fruitful. I thank our plenary speaker Prof. Kenji Doya of OIST for his willingness to also co-organize this workshop.

In this workshop, researchers from OIST will first give talks about animal intelligence, from cephalopods and birds to rodents. Talks by researchers from Humanoid fields will follow. Through this “champuru” (Okinawan for mixture), we wish we can think deeply about intelligence, and further extend our study.

Koh Hosoda, the general co-chair of Humanoids2022


Koh Hosoda (Osaka University)

Kenji Doya (OIST)

Date and Venue

Date: December 1 (Thu), 2022

Venue: Auditorium, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology



Since capacity of the cafeteria of OIST is limited, we would strongly recommend that you bring your lunch or order/pay for a lunch box at https://oist-humanoids2022jointws-application.peatix.com/ (closed on Nov. 23).

You will get your lunch box at reception if you have paid.

Lab tour

A post-workshop lab-tour is planned. If you want to join the tour, please register at https://oist-humanoids2022jointws-application.peatix.com/ (closed on Nov. 23). The number of tour participants is limited up to 70 due to the capacity of each lab. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Transportation (Dec. 1st)

From Naha city/conference venue to OIST

The OIST is 30 km away from the conference venue. We will arrange buses from Naha city/conference venue in the morning.

The buses will depart from Kencho-kitaguchi at 7:30, via Omoromachi (same stops in https://www.humanoids2022.org/travel/travel-information) around 7:50, and Okinawa Convention Center (OCC) around 8:20, to OIST. Note that the arrival time at each stop will change depending on traffic condition. In OCC, the buses stop at Parking Area II.

For those who use private cars

We book parking lots in conference center (10 lots) and villeage center (30 lots). Please follow the sign (Humanoids 2022). How to access;


From OIST to conference venue/Naha city/airport

For persons leaving OIST earlier

OIST shuttle (capable of 14 persons, free) that connects to the highway bus is available. Please see timetable for the OIST shuttles and of Highway Bus #117. For your reference, the following services are available after the talks.

Another option is to take Highway Bus #120 from Daigakuin Daigaku-mae (almost every 30 min, see

timetable). For example, the following service is available.

For persons attending the lab tour

We will also arrange 3 buses from OIST at 18:00 back to the conference venue, Omoromachi, and finally Kencho-kitaguchi.

Please refer to "Access and Maps" in OIST's webpage for locations of the bus stops and other ways of transportations.

On-site antigen test before OIST/Humanoids2022 Joint Workshop

The OIST lowered the alert level of COVID-19 on Nov. 1, 2022. The Covid-negative test results are no longer required for visiting to the OIST. Thus, we will not provide an antigen test kit for each attendee, although we would still ask you to take countermeasures against COVID-19.